Rose Lalonde of Homestuck / MS Paint Adventures

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Rose Lalonde Cosplay

Category: Comic Book

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US80

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: A-Kon 23

Inspiration: i recently read homestuck and got kind of addicted a little, and for some reason decided that cosplaying someone would be a Good Idea. i didn't want to do one of the trolls 'cause i am terrible with body paint (see: mystical elf D:) so i decided to go for one of the kids instead. rose is actually my least favorite of the kids (i still love her though!!) but i ADORE this outfit of hers, so *u*

Favorite Aspect: it's pretty dang comfy! and i love the wig.

Least Favorite Aspect: i'm still breaking in the shoes for this so i can actually wear them at the con without wishing my feet would die...

Easiest Task: weeeeeeeelp since most of the stuff was purchased as opposed to making... yeah........

Hardest Task: i wouldn't say they were hard to make so much as time-consuming, but the ~thorns of oglogoth~. painting the stripes on them was an adventure. and i couldn't even have them at the con anyway because they didn't pass weapons check >:C